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For the last ten years, I have been teaching Actors in both Europe and North America Received Pronunciation (RP) and the New Standard English Accent(NSEA), along with a wide range of other British and international accents. 

I tailor my training sessions to each actor and project specifically: I don't really believe in the idea of a “One-size-fits-all” method. Instead, I favour a flexible, fun and dynamic approach that I've perfected through years working with actors and professionals from diverse cultures and walks of life. 


I'm passionate about fluency in voice and dialect work, and I'm committed to ensuring that the artists who decide to work with me come away with the confidence and natural tone that will allow them to pass for native speakers even when they're surrounded by the real thing! (The importance of which I know only too well as a British actor living and working in North America!)

Is your Hamlet more Elvis than Elsinore?

Does your Cockney sound like Dick Van Dyke spent too many years surfing in Australia?

Whatever the reason, work with an authentic British dialect coach.



“I love working with Tom, and the fact that he is an actor himself really helps to reinforce my interpretation and delve further into the performance. And of course, there is the huge advantage of working with someone completely fluent in both languages!

I always love the discussions we have around the work too, it’s a fascinating experience!”


Zoe, Spectre, Blue is the Warmest Color

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