Dialect and Acting Coaching

Tom Morton is an internationally acclaimed British and French voice artist with over 10 years’ experience teaching French,  North American and Australian actors Received Pronunciation (RP) and the New Standard English Accent (NSEA), along with a range of other British and anglophone accents. 

He has worked extensively in both Europe and North America across a range of media, from theatre to film and video games, coaching actors throughout the creative process for auditions, in the rehearsal room and on stage or set.

Tom’s tailors his training to each project and client specifically, rejecting the notion of a “One-size-fits-all” method in favour of a flexible, fun and dynamic approach honed through his years working with actors and professionals from diverse cultures and walks of life. 


His commitment to and deep love for precision and fluency in voice and dialect work ensures that his students come away with the confidence and natural tone that allows them to pass for native speakers even when surrounded by the real thing! (The importance of which he knows only too well, as a British actor living and working in North America!)

His years working both on camera and behind it have taught him that with the right coach and some work, most anybody can be proficient in an English accent.

Are you tired of sounding like a bad Mick Jagger impression? Do you have an audition to prepare? Maybe your Wilde needs a touch-up. Whatever the reason, work with an authentic British dialect coach.