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Hello, I’m Tom Morton.

I was born in London to a British father and French mother, and that's why I speak both languages like a native.

I’ve appeared in film, on TV and in the theatre, and I’ve also had the good fortune of discovering my true passion: doing silly voices.


Who knew a hobby could become a job? From cartoons to video-games, I’ve been a German lederhosen wearing volcano, a medieval drill sergeant, a portly policeman, an excitable lion, all manner of ghouls and demons, as well as some even less charming creatures than that… whilst also voicing more serious projects like documentaries, corporate explainers, e-learning courses, and international advertising campaigns for brands including Dior, Martel, Givenchy, Yves Saint-Laurent & L’Oréal Paris.

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I relocated to Canada in 2019 in search of big skies and new challenges, and have continued to work from the comfort and quiet of my professional home studio.


I also offer coaching for both actors and non-actors, and specialise in teaching British and European accents.




Alix Kazman / Fountainhead Talent

(+1) 416-538-6888 ext. 230

Voice (Toronto)

Roberta Romano / Fountainhead Talent

(+1) 416-538-6888 ext. 224


Voice (Paris)

V & V Les Agents Voix

(+33) 1 47 35 19 19

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